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Hello guys, I bought a rig from a guy, I’m pretty new to pc building/ parts , I want to know if y’all can help me in suggesting parts to use to upgrade my rig
Much appreciated


  • TSNickW

    Hello Bloodland56,
    You have a great foundation to start upon. What do you mostly use your PC for?
    I love a 4k monitor, but I love higher refresh rates more. A nice 120hz or 144hz gaming monitor could be a great addition.
    At the resolution you are gaming at a 2080 is a nice improvement. 1060 6GB is a great card, but it starts to struggle with some titles at 1440, and alot more at 4k.
    If you're playing more CPU heavy games that board could support everything through the Ryzen 9 3950X with a BIOS update (Need 4801)
    The first upgrade I would do if I were in your shoes would probably be storage. I personally would struggle with only 480 GB of storage. Micro Center has a 960 GB ssd that would provide more space - [](

  • BloodLand56

    Thank you for replying, I usually use my pc for gaming(pubg,csgo,and fortnite) right now I have a acer SBO series monitor, from what I seen it’s a 75 hz monitor, I play pubg and even on medium graphics the graphics card struggles. Yah space is kinda limited, most definitely will be upgrading that.

  • PowerSpec_MichaelB

    With those being considered as competitive titles, I would highly recommend allocating some of your budget towards a high refresh rate monitor with a variable refresh rate technology. You will have a much better gaming experience with a better monitor to help balance out your setup. This monitor is a fantastic price and offers nearly twice the refresh rate as your current monitor: For fast motions, you will see and feel a very clear difference. The FreeSync technology works on both AMD & Nvidia cards as well, which will automatically adjust the monitors refresh rate to match your FPS. This will help things feel very smooth at all times even with a lot of action on screen. Since the monitor is only using a 1080p screen, you can get away with using a cheaper graphics card as well. The 8GB RX 580 is a very powerful card for the price and will handle the games you are playing with relative ease:

    Another thing to look at in the future would be the processor. The Ryzen 5 1600 is fine for now, and will do well for 1080p gaming in most titles, but if you decided to play more CPU intensive games in the future, I would highly recommend upgrading the processor to one of the newer Ryzen 3000 CPU's. They offer quite a performance boost over the first generation 1000 series and are still fairly cheap. As NickW stated, your A320 board will support up to a Ryzen 9 3950X with a BIOS update. While the motherboard manufacturer technically allows these processors to run in these lower end boards, we would not recommend doing so as most of the lower chipsets are not designed for the higher end processors. They may physically work, but may suffer a performance penalty or risk damage to the longevity of the board. If you do upgrade to the Ryzen 3000 series CPUs, I would advise upgrading to a 500 series board to pair with it.

    Your ram capacity and speed look perfectly fine, so I see no need to upgrade or adjust your configuration in that area. A 550W power supply is perfectly fine for a Ryzen 5 processor and an RX 580. Keep in mind that upgrading to a Ryzen 7 processor or a graphics card faster than the RX 580 might warrant the need to use a bigger power supply, but for now it should work just fine as long as you have the proper connectors for your choice of components.

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