Multiple Monitor build


I'm interested in building a machine that is capable of running 6-8 monitors, preferably at 4k, 60hz resolution. Anybody know if I need multiple video cards to do so, and if so, is there a way to get it done for less than ~$1,500 total for both cards?


  • PowerSpec_MichaelB

    Welcome to the forum Hammond. Luckily the only real requirements are going to be ports for HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2 or higher. Luckily most modern graphics cards meet this requirement, so we have many options available to us. There are cards such as the NVS 810 that support 8 displays natively:, however their implementation is a little tricky. They are technically 2 graphics cards on a single PCB. This card by itself can support 4 displays running at 4k 60hz, or 8 displays running at 4k 30hz. Since you need all 8 to be running at 60hz, you would have to go with 2 of these cards to achieve that goal. With that in mind, I think there are more economical options available to meet your requirements.

    This GTX 1660 supports 4 displays, each of which can have a resolution up to 7680x4320 @ 120Hz: This is thanks to the cards multiple DisplayPort 1.4 ports and HDMI 2.0B port. You will have plenty of bandwidth to drive 4 x 4k60hz monitors on a single card. Simply add a second card and you can drive another 4 displays. This setup would be around $400-$450, which is still cheaper than the NVS 810 option, but it takes up more space and may use a little extra power.

    If you need the extra horsepower, you can definitely invest in faster cards given your budget overhead. If you don't plan on gaming or video editing on these displays and are simply using the cards to output a video signal, then the GTX 1660 with the 3x DP 1xHDMI configuration is likely your most economical option.

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