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How to disable mouse acceleration in Windows 10

IanIan admin
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If you are looking to optimize your mouse accuracy for the latest games on Windows 10, you may want to look into disabling Windows 10's built-in mouse acceleration feature. Without mouse acceleration your mouse will move an exact distance for each movement you make your mouse.

To disable mouse acceleration on your Windows 10 PC:

1.  Right click on the Start button, typically found at the lower left corner of the screen, and then click on Settings.

2. On the Windows Settings screen that appears, select the Devices category.

3. Under “Devices” on the left side of the Settings window, select Mouse.

4. Under Mouse Settings, click on Additional Mouse Settings.

5.  A “Mouse Properties” pop-up window will appear. Click on Pointer Options at the top of the window.

6. Uncheck the box for “Enhance pointer precision” to disable mouse acceleration on the PC. Click Apply to confirm any settings changes made.

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