How to Set Up Windows 10 with Offline Account

edited June 2021 in Software

Since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has been pushing the use of a Microsoft Live account for personal computers. While the live account offers some benefits, many users still prefer an offline, or Local, account. With the release of Windows 10 1909, it has become more difficult to opt out of using a Microsoft account, but it can still be done.

1.    Start with the Windows 10 setup on your computer and follow their directions until you can get to where they want your email for the Microsoft Account. No need to put one in, we just want to get to this page.

2.    At this point, we want to disconnect ourselves from the internet. So if you're using an Ethernet cable to physically connect to your modem or router, go ahead and unplug that from your computer so that you're offline. If you connect by WiFi, then go ahead and shut down your router, just make sure ta warn anyone else in the house first.

3.    Now that we're disconnected from the internet, go ahead and click on the back arrow on the screen to go back to the previous step. The setup will now attempt to connect online again, but without our network connection, it will fail to do so.

4.    At this point, it will offer you the choice to "proceed with limited setup," taking you through the process of creating an offline account. You're now free to set it up with a name and a password of your choosing (or not, if you prefer) and continue on.

5.    Now just go ahead and follow the rest of the steps as normal. Once everything has gone through, it'll finalize everything and from here on you'll have an offline account to sign in for your computer!

6.   You can safely connect to the internet again.

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