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How to Get into BIOS from Windows 10

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Description: This article will show you how to get to your BIOS menu from Windows 10.

The BIOS has a variety of settings that can help resolve some issues or even just improve performance for those familiar with it. Users with new machines may have difficulty accessing BIOS because of how fast boot up times have gotten. With Windows 10, there is a way to get to the BIOS if you cannot get to it before booting into Windows!


1.    Let’s start with getting into the Advanced Startup menu. We've got a couple of methods to be get to it that we can try.

Method 1: Windows Settings

a. Our first option is getting into the Windows Settings to take us to the menu. We can get into the Windows settings a couple of ways, one of which is to hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press the “i” key as a shortcut. Otherwise, if we open the start menu, just go ahead and click on the gear icon for settings


b.    Now we should have the Windows Settings opened with a few different categories to choose from. We are looking for Update and Security, which we’ll find by scrolling down on this window where it will be the last option.



c.    We should now be at a screen for Windows Update, from here, look to the left at the list of subcategories for Update & Security, click on the Recovery option, which has an icon of a clock with an arrow circling around it.



d.    Now that we are on Recovery, we should immediately see a couple options on this page. The one we’re looking for will be for Advanced startup, where it should have a Restart now button available. Go ahead and select it and we will reboot the computer to an advanced startup menu.


Method 2: Restart with Shift

a. The other option we can also do would be to get the power options for the computer until we can see the options for shutting down, restarting and sleep mode. Once it is pulled up, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and, while holding it down, click on Restart. Once the computer has started to shut down, you can release the Shift key.


2.    We should now see a blue menu that has us choose an option and the one we’re looking for is Troubleshoot.



3.    From here, we should see a couple more options to choose from, we will continue by clicking on Advanced Options.



4.    And lastly on the next page where we should see a number of options, we’ll want to select the UEFI Firmware Settings, which will give us the option to reboot once again, allowing the computer to reboot itself right into the BIOS.



5.    We are now in the BIOS where you can change the settings you’re looking for as needed!

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