Trying to find parts for a pc - have 1200 available already have a 140 hz monitor — Micro Center

Trying to find parts for a pc - have 1200 available already have a 140 hz monitor

if anyone could help my find parts that would work for games like COD and fortnite that would keep me at 140 hz consistently please write back. I have 1200 dollars available and want to build a pc but I don't know what to get first and how good they should be.


  • Welcome to the forum Jcwill22. Since you already have a monitor, $1200 should be able to get you a very strong PC for the price. Since your goal is a stable, high refresh rate, I am going to recommend a 6 core processor with an RTX 2070 Super. Here's what I recommend: This should easily net you a stable 140 FPS gaming experience even on ultra settings at 1080P in Modern Warfare. For Fortnite, you will go far beyond this, maybe even higher than 240 FPS due the fact that Fortnite is not very demanding.

    The overall price of that build is $1225, however you get $20 off the motherboard due to the CPU bundle discount, bringing it down closer to your budget. Keep in mind that this does not include a Windows 10 OS. If you wanted to save another $20, you can opt for the Ryzen 5 3600 non-X, which performs nearly identically, just doesn't have the factory overclock that the 3600X has. The motherboard, chassis, CPU fan and RAM all support RGB LED's that you can control if you like that aesthetic option. 

    If you want to save yourself the hassle of building, we offer our prebuilt PowerSpec gaming systems at very competitive prices. These two are around your budget, and both will easily meet your needs:

    I would personally recommend the G706 if you can swing the extra $100, but the G356 will be plenty fast enough and will save you money. The best part is that both systems come with a 1 year, 48 hour repair guarantee warranty and both come with a year of complimentary technical support to make sure the systems are operating as designed. It's definitely an option to consider given the cost.

    If you have any questions, please let us know!
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