Anyone willing to help a rookie decide on parts for a build?

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Hey all, I'm looking to build a PC but don't have a solid understanding of what components would be best for the games I'd like to play. Right now I play a lot of Fortnite, Apex, Overwatch, COD, and Rocket League. Would also like to get into tarkov and PUB G. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! looking to spend between $1200-1300.


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    First off, good luck with your first build.  Second not know if you have monitor or peripherals I went ahead and included a good monitor for the gaming you described and a pretty basic but decent gaming mouse/keyboard combo pack.
    Since you described a lot of shooting shooting and competitive games you need that 144hz, 1ms response time monitor more than you need to jump in graphics card or cpu currently.  If you have those things already then go with this second one that puts that 200 some odd dollars into some upgrades in other places.  Namely a step up in terms of CPU, GPU, and a little more NvME storage.

    Both of these builds should allow you to play the games you want at ultra high settings 1080p and a few at high 1440p.  If you got any questions feel free to ask.  And as for the case there is still a bit of budget for wiggle room if you really want a more expensive case but NZXT H51 is a pretty solid bang for buck case at 70 bucks.  Also if you plan on doing a whole lot of CPU overclocking then you may want to perhaps not upgrade the nvme storage and instead upgrade the CPU cooler to something like  the, or a similar cpu cooler.  But if your just trying to play the games you got and not doing any serious OC'ing then don't worry about it the cooler that comes with the 3700x should handle the standard load.
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    You'll notice some of the same parts in the build as what TheITDad posted, since I'd make similar choices considering the budget anyway. The key differences are the Ryzen 5 3600 and the Rx 5700XT. I also added a motherboard with wifi included if you needed it, and there's a 1TB SSD as opposed to a 500GB SSD+2TB HDD. $1,182.92 in total including the cost of Windows 10.

    I wanted to put something together that would be near your target price range but would leave some room for taxes. It would be a little less powerful than the one that TheITDad posted, however it would still run most any game at high settings on 1080p and 1440p at really good framerates. The 5700XT is a strong performance value and in some games it will even be neck-and-neck with the 2070 Super. 
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