Gigabyte Z390M, i5-9600k, and EVGA 650 G+ power connections - New build

Hi, I'm stuck. I'm trying to figure out how to connect the psu to the mobo. The mobo has 1)ATX_12v_2x2 and 1)ATX_12v_2x4. I plan on OC'ing the cpu at some point after I get this up and running 100% so not sure what cables go where. I'm assuming CPU1 and CPU2 ports on the psu will be used, but the 8 pin cables marked cpu don't fit. What am I missing? Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.


  • Coneyman3
    I’d read the motherboard manual and PSU manual. But you need to make sure you are using the correct cables. The ATX should be pretty straight forward as these pins really only fit in one spot. Make sure the CPU 4+4 is going to the board, likely, in the top left, PCIe 6+2 is going to the GPU card, if applicable. If needed you will use the other 4+4 and plug it into the motherboard, plugging fully into the PSU, but the motherboard may only require only one part of the 4+4. I hope this helps. Please give an update.
  • TSTonyV
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    You only need to have the 2x4 CPU power connection plugged in to get it to boot. You can use the extra 2x2 if you're planning on overclocking and your CPU has high power draw, however you should be able to overclock the 9600k even without using the 2x2 connection. 

    Make sure you have the CPU power cables facing the right direction. 
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