Upgrading my PC

Hello! I'd like advice on upgrading my pc! Atm, I have about a $600 budget, and am hoping to upgrade my pc's graphics card, storage (HDD to SSD) and RAM. The graphics card that came with this desktop was the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 730. The one I am looking to upgrade to is the Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 8GB PULSE Video Card. I am also hoping to add some SSD on top of my HDD (HDD: Toshiba 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive;
SSD: Inland 1TB 2.5" Solid State Drive). And finally, double my ram from 8GB to 16GB. My full upgraded pc plan is here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/VCJcyk . Does anyone have any changes or suggestions as to how I should upgrade my pc?


  • Steelis
    Note: pcpartpicker list includes my pre-existing parts from the original pc design
  • TheITDad
    That is a tough one, because well that board is well ancient.  Don't want to insult you or anything but it would be extremely hard to just "upgrade" your system because that board is only compatible with certain types of ram and my guess is a rx5700 could be bottlenecked pretty hard by the cpu you have.  Honestly in my opinion you would be better off doing a whole new build.  You can do a build for 600 bucks and I have included one below.  But I would suggest waiting a little longer, hit that 1k budget mark and get yourself something  you will be happy with for 2-3 years.  If you don't like it at all I can try to find parts to make your current board and cpu work but that will take some extra work to do.

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