Need help choosing parts for a gaming pc (budget 1,500-2,000)

sorry to bug you guys but when it comes to building a pc or even choosing pc parts I am completely brain dead. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. 
Im looking to build a pc to play Fortnite and stream it as well, while getting a consistent 240 FPS please and thank you.


  • TheITDad
    So I did two builds for you one with a keyboard, mouse and monitor and one without.  The main differences between the two is that with one you get a 2080 super and the other is a 2080 TI.  And the one with the Super comes in about 150 below top end budget while the one with the TI is at the top end of the budget ( like 3 bucks over).  Both will generally do what you want and with the cheaper build you can choose a different case if you want, it's just right now the NZXT H510 is in my opinion the best dollar for dollar case out right now.  With only being 70$ but still having a lot of the modern features you want like a power supply basement and tempered glass window.  If you don't like the AIO water cooler I included in each build you should be able to get a Be quite Dark Rock Pro for 85 bucks somewhere.  Which is about 11 bucks more than the AIO I chose but it's one of the better Air cpu coolers.  If you want me to revise either of the builds with more specific requests just let me know.

    No monitor or keyboard&mouse
  • JoeyWheeler
    Thank you so much!
    i do have a keyboard mouse and monitor, I’m glad you were able to help out with two different type of builds!
    would a i9 processor be better? Or am I trying to do to much for what I’m actually going to be using the pc for?
  • TheITDad
    Honestly unless your going to throw another 1k at the budget then intel just isn't the way to go.  Because the whole i9-9900 coffee lake series is outperformed by the ryzen 7 3700x and 3800x, and is quite a bit cheaper.  The extreme top end of the with the I9 x series starts to compete but you still have more Ryzen stuff with the Ryzen 9 series.  In my opinion until Intel comes with something different Ryzen is the way to go for both price and performance unless you got like a 5k budget then maybe you can argue intel.
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