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I need help with game crashes.

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I recently put together my first pc. Everything seems to be working fine but I am having constant game crashes with Division 2, Outer Worlds, Borderlands 3 and COD Warzone (epic games/battle.net). Basically anything with heavy graphics but it runs DOOM 2016 on steam just fine. I'm wondering what the problem could be. I'm lost. Maybe its the power supply? I lower the graphics slightly and tested them each lowering from ultra to low. Also, I verified all the games, uninstalled them and reinstalled them on another hard drive and the problems continue. Here is the parts list.
Ryzen 3600. MSI X570-A PRO. 5700 XT Red Devil. 3600mhz RAM. Cooler Master Masterair MA610P CPU cooler. 650w Certified gold power supply.
Thanks for your time.


  • First things first, don't just reinstall the games, but also uninstall and reinstall the graphics card drivers. Use the AMD Cleanup utility to remove them: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/gpu-601.

    Then redownload and install the drivers directly from AMD's website.

    If you can check which graphics API you're using in each game, try and check that. If it's on DirectX 11, try DirectX 12 and vice versa. Doom uses the Vulkan API by default I believe, which is a potential reason why it's not crashing. If Doom is fine I would leave it as is, but on the other games see if you can switch the graphics API. 

    Disable hardware acceleration in any other apps you may have running in the background as well. Spotify, Discord, Google Chrome, and some other apps will have hardware acceleration features turned on by default, and there have been some known issues with the 5700XT cards have crashing/black screens when those apps are on and hardware acceleration is running. 

    If all else fails, you can do a clean reinstall of Windows
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