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Powerspec 660 sd card, 3 usb 2.0 ports stopped working

Windows 10. The sd card reader and 3 usb 2.0 ports on the front of machine stopped working?
The two 3.0 work as well as all on the back.
I'm unstalled drivers and restarted multiple times.
I've turned off the setting to allow the cpu to manage the power to device in power settings and allow the usb to turn off.
In the device manager, the sd card isn't listed to update driver.


  • Welcome to the forum, Chris. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your SD card reader/USB 2.0 port on your PowerSpec B660. Do you recall if there were any recent Windows updates performed on the system or any recent hardware changes that coincide with the SD card/front USB 2.0 port not working? Are you able to see the SD card reader in device manager after selecting "Show Hidden Devices" under the View tab?

    If there were any recent updates, I would recommend rolling back to see if functionality is restored. If you've performed any hardware upgrades, double check to make sure none of the front panel IO cables were unplugged during the process. If you see the SD card reader/USB controller in device manager, right click and uninstall the device then reboot the system.
    Lastly, unplug the power cable from the system and hold the power button down on the chassis for 60 seconds. This will discharge any power remaining in your capacitors and can resolve a myriad of issues that may be impacting your system. If none of this works, I would recommend bringing the system in to your local Micro Center store when it's convenient and our techs can assess the situation in-depth to determine the issue. If you have any questions, please let us know!
  • I can't recall any updates that caused this to change. I first noticed this a year ago but during home isolation, I'd figure now is as good a time as any to figure it out. It's odd to me that it's the sd card, the USB 2.0 next to it and the two on the bottom front while the ports on the back and the two 3.0 upfront work fine.
    No sd card in the device manager or under hidden devices.
    No hardware upgrades (I did add ram but this was after) but I will open it up and double-check again.
    I will try discharging the static.
    I've downloaded the drivers recommended by "Driver Easy" as well as manually updating via device manager but since it's not showing in the list I assumed it was all for nothing.
  • You can redownload drivers for our Powerspec systems from our website here: https://www.mctsol.com/powerspec/newpsdrivers.php

    The SD card reader and the USB 2.0 port next to it actually share the same cable internally, which would explain why it's also not working.

    In Device Manager the SD Card reader should show as "Generic - Multiple Reader USB Device" under Disk Drives.  If you can see that device listed, try uninstalling and reinstalling it just to be safe, but if it's not showing there at all, try redownloading and installing the motherboard drivers from the page I linked.

    If that doesn't fix it, we could be looking at a hardware issue. 
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