4000 dollar pc part build help/suggestions

Hi my Name is Alex and I am building a master rig for the main use of gaming and sometimes school work I would enjoy any help that I could get for maximum performance thanks for the help :smile:


  • TheITDad
    So with this budget is actually a tad tricky to get up to that much without going with a custom loop which if you have never done before is definitely something you want to be sure about before you start.  As fully water cooling everything can be expensive and easily damage parts if your not careful, along with much more in depth maintenance down the road with flushing the loop and cleaning it every now and then.  But the build I put together comes in around  3850 bucks and has some absurd specs.  Like a ridiculous 6tb of total storage space with 2 tb being nvme m.2 storage, a very nice 2080TI card, 32gb of 3600 speed ram with a CL of 15,  and the AMD Ryzen 9 3950x processor.  This thing will handle anything you throw at it for quite some time to come.  Now if you happen to need monitors or want an win10 key for some reason just drop one of the nvme drives and go down to 16 gb of ram (which is all you really need) and you will free up 300 bucks.  You also could drop down to a slightly less ridiculous mobo and save cash to if  you need more head room for other things.  But here you go a 4k pc build.

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