Starting my first build! Any advise?



  • TheITDad
    So both your builds are pretty good but you went over kill in some of the wrong places in my opinion.  Like mostly with the motherboard and storage.  And to a lesser degree the power supply.  I tweaked the build to give you great performance for what you want to do and get the overkill in the correct areas.  Firstly there wasn't much need for a 350$ plus mobo, so I dropped that down to a much more reasonable 190$ mobo that will do everything you want and more.  The H510 case you picked in the one build is a great case so I left that as is.  As for storage with having an nvme drive for your boot drive and main game drive there isn't much need for a large ssd like you had.  For what your planning on doing you wouldn't get that much gain considering that 7200 rpm hard drives perform much better when not being bogged down by the OS.  So I tweaked your storage to a 1tb nvme drive and a 2tb WD black spinning drive for mass storage.  I also changed your ram to 16gb set with a CL of 16 considering that's all you really need is 16gb and its easier to upgrade that down the road then a graphics card.  And lastly the power supply you picked out was a good one but still a bit overkill, so I picked a 750 watt gold rated one from seasonic which should handle all your needs for this build easily.  And with all that rejiggering and moving money around I was able to make your build have a 2080 TI and include 4 corsair magnetic fans to replace the ones that come in your case for better airflow.  All while coming in at 2418 bucks, leaving room for tax and other tweaks if you want.
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