Purchased power supply. What are my options?

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I purchased a power supply there a week ago. It would not come on with my setup. However it comes on stand alone. I'm purchasing a new mb and cpu today and I'm worried there's something wrong with it. Can it be replaced under warranty when I pick up my mb and cpu, even though I am not sure if it's OK? 


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    Welcome to the forum, Goofy. Since you are still within the return period, we can replace or exchange the power supply as long as you still have the original packaging and accessories. The fact that the power supply is powering on by itself is a good sign, however I am not entirely sure why it's not powering on with your current setup. When you try it standalone, are you using a jumper of some kind to bridge the pins to power the PSU on? 

    When connecting it to your current motherboard, can you confirm if the 24 pin ATX connector is seated all the way and that the clip is secured to the slot on the board? Lastly, is your system powering on fine with a different PSU? If the system powers on normally with a different PSU, then I am left to believe that the newer PSU is simply defective and needs replaced. If another PSU is unable to power the board, then the board is likely defective and the new PSU should be fine. Either way, if you want to swap out the power supply to be safe, simply bring your PSU back with your packaging/accessories and we will take care of that.
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