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Stimulus Build - Micro Center Build

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imageStimulus Build - Micro Center Build

Decent gaming PC without breaking the bank?

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  • Do you usually replace the existing coolant in a prefilled aio? Also, the 3700x is considered to be a much better deal as it's nearly identical to the 3800x, so save $30 and no coolant for a total of $48 to go for a 32gb 2x16 kit of RAM for some future proofing or maybe get the x570 Aorus Elite. Much better board for not much more money IMHO. Enjoy the build, gotta love living near Microcenter, Am I Right?
    P. S. 3600Mhz is by all accounts the "sweet spot" for Ryzen 3xxx on the x570 chipset. I've done hours of research cause I'm a bit obsessed with PC hardware.
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