PC randomly shuts off playing certain games

I think its a power supply issue, but my pc shuts off when playing certain games. Specifically rainbow six siege, far cry 5 and most recently call of duty warezone. It runs the outer worlds, gta, and Minecraft fine though. I didnt play a game that shut off my computer until after my warrenty expired so i wasnt aware i had that problem. Im not sure if I installed my PSU incorrectly or theres some software issue or if its defective and I need a new one. Thanks in advance!
My pc 

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X
GPU: MSi 6GB GTX 1660
MoBo: Asus  X470-Pro
PSU: PowerSpec PS 650BSM


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    Welcome to the forum Taowell, sorry to hear your system is experiencing some instability. I have a few questions to see if we can help isolate this issue down to a specific component/software. 

    Do you recall how long ago this issue started occurring? I know you stated that only specific games causes it to power off, however that should not be the case with hardware related issues as hardware cannot really determine what software it's running. If we can establish a timeframe as to when this started, we might be able to see if any hardware or software changes have been made during that time that may coincide with the crashing.

    Have you performed any overclocking on any components? This can include CPU, memory and GPU overclocking. Some of the most frequent causes of system crashing/powering down is an unstable overclock. This can be caused when too much current is being pulled through the motherboards power delivery (VRM), tripping some safety mechanisms or even causing the power supply to trip Over Current Protection/ Over Voltage Protection. If any overclocking has been performed, I would recommend resetting those values back to their defaults and giving your games another try.

    With your PC, are you plugged directly into a wall outlet? Or a surge protector? If you are plugged directly into a wall outlet, try plugging into a surge protector to see if the added ripple regulation helps. If you are currently using a surge protector, try swapping to another one or plugging it in to a different outlet to see if that resolves the issue. 

    Once we better understand the timeframe, and rule out any changes in hardware/software and have exhausted the troubleshooting options above, I would advise bringing it in to your local Micro Center store for further diagnostics. Luckily if the issue is your PowerSpec PSU, your PSU comes with a 5 year warranty and we can replace it in-house if it's the component at fault. I would recommend a full system diagnostic just in case as this issue can be caused by other defective components as well. If you have any questions, please let us know!
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