DigitalInnovations chatCam

Hi I got to MicroCenter weeks after work from home started in MA and all that were left for webcams were the di chatCam with the clip to attach to a monitor. It is to state the obvious, not wireless. Pretty appropriate as my nickname is Di. I have plugged in the USB & the microphone. Everything is on. I went to test it. All I could think of was Facebook Live, so I went there. The video screen still says waiting for waiting for live video. I don't see any switches on the chatCam. What am I missing?


  • TSKyleH
    If you have windows 10, you can try using the camera app to see if anything shows there. This would be app that doesn't require an internet connection to test the camera. If it still gives you an error message you may check Device Manager by right clicking the windows icon and choosing it from the menu. Once device manager is open you may check for any camera devices listed. sometimes it may be referenced as an imaging device as well.
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