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dell xps 630i upgrades for gaming in 2020

I have been given a dell xps 630i and since i have always wanted a gaming pc i thought I might be able to rebuild this computer into something that could handle what i would throw at it. I'm interested in playing games like GTA and various simulator games with mods.i dont want to get too crazy with the price.I'd like to kepp it at around 900 dollars and of course the less the better but without skipping quality and performance.


  • IanIan admin
    Greetings. Do you happen to have the service tag of this Dell PC so we can look it up and see what specifications it currently has? This service tag should be on a sticker directly on the PC itself. 
  • I just got an xps 630i as well. service tag f9d41g1. had to figure how to even get it to come on with no knowledge of pc at all. if you could give me some advise and tips to make it agaming pc even if its only gonna get lowgrade.
  • Greetings, so the Dell XPS 630i was released back in 2008/2009. Unfortunately due to how out of date the specs are I would recommend a complete rebuild. You would be able to reuse the case, fans, DVD drive and possibly the HDD. So you would need to get a new motherboard, processor, ram, power supply, and video card. I do recommend checking our site and using the system builder to get pricing-
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