Toshiba X300 HDD factory locked? Need password?

Hi Everyone, I purchased a new Toshiba X300 4TB HDD yesterday from Micro Center in NJ along with a dozen other items to build a new PC.  I installed a SSD 1TB crucial as my primary boot drive, installed windows and then shut down to install the Toshiba HDD as an internal storage device.  After booting up, the drive would cycle on repeatedly, BIOS was unable to be accessed and then I received a blue screen asking for the Toshiba HDD password.  This is supposed to be a new device, why would it be password locked?  There was no literature in the package to assist and I can't find anything online about a factory lock password.  Is this HDD DOA and requiring a return?  


  • Ian
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    Greetings Ronny. That is definitely very strange. If you boot up the PC without this drive, and do not get prompted for a password, then we would have to assume this is an issue with the drive. Since this was just purchased this past weekend, please bring the drive back into your local Micro Center so it can be exchanged out for another hard drive.
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