Powerspec prebuilt with bios crashes

So we got a new powerspec pc with i7 9700kf and 2060 super with a asrock z390 phantom gaming 4s/ac. The pc started to crash after a put a ufie profile on, after a failed over clocking attempt. Idk if I damaged parts or if it’s just something in the bios as it will crash and then load to windows after its first crash and some restarts. Any help will be wanting in fixing it.


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    Welcome to the forum Parakeet05_. It sounds like the overclock may not be stable and is causing the system to crash due to instability. I would recommend clearing the CMOS and restoring the BIOS back to it's default settings. To do that, you will need to power the system down and remove the button cell battery located in the picture below for 60 seconds.

    Afterwards, reinstall the battery and boot back into the BIOS. Go to the EXIT tab under the Advanced Settings, and select "Load Defaults". Afterwards, you can reapply the memory XMP profile, but we do not recommend performing any overclocking of any kind. Not only will you put the system at risk of instability, you can potentially reduce the lifespan of the system or cause damage to the components if you are not careful with the voltage values/added heat.

    Let us know if you have any questions.
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