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New Microsoft Edge

I received an invitation to "upgrade" my Microsoft Edge on my Windows 10 laptop HP Pavilion.
I read the terms and they mention a "Preview" that you should not install on your work computer or any computer whose content you value. Can I "download" the Upgrade of Microsoft Edge and NEVER use the "Preview" thing?
Or is this whole invitation a scam?
Richard S_007


  • Can someone address my question?
  • Welcome to the forum, Richard_007. There is a new version of Edge available online, however it's difficult to say if that's what your invitation is referring to without seeing it. In order to be safe, I would recommend downloading it directly from Microsoft if you are interested in trying the new Chromium-based Edge browser: It's essentially like Google Chrome but with a lot of Edge customization's applied. As for whether or not it should be used for work, I personally have no issues using it at work. It functions much like Chrome.
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