How often are your stock numbers updated?

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I'm hoping to come into the store to buy a 4K monitor that has become hard to find online, but your stock numbers indicate you have four of them at the store closest to me. That said, it's over an hour drive and I don't want to waste my time and money on the trip if it's not truly in stock. I can't get through on the phone (understandable), so my question is whether or not I should trust the "4 In Stock" indicator on your site?


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    Welcome to the forum, Michael_A. Our stock numbers online are updated very often to reflect what we carry in-store. As items are checked out through our POS system, the website stock will be automatically adjusted to reflect that change in inventory. This is also true for reservations that are placed for items, as the stock is changed once a reservation has been fulfilled and the item pulled from the shelves. Unfortunately with how busy we are during this pandemic, reservations are taking much longer to process and fulfill, which may lead to cancellation emails if the items are sold in-store before they can be pulled from shelves.

    If the website is still showing 4 in-stock, there is a great chance that it's still available, just be mindful that anything can change during the time it will take for you to arrive in-store. If it's not urgent, and if the item is eligible, I would recommend attempting to place a reservation as it would reduce your chances of wasting a trip if it were to sell out before you arrive. In that scenario, you would receive an email confirmation if your order is ready for pickup, or a cancellation notice if the item was unable to be located on the shelves. If you have any questions, please let us know.
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