Video card suggestion for an ancient build

Hello, I need suggestion for a video card upgrade for an ancient build. Build is an I5-2500K with MOBO Gigabyte Z68AP-D3, video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, 2 22" monitors and 1 20" monitor. I use this PC for RDP connections and some local software (VMs, Office, etc.)… no need for games (especially graphic intensive). System handles current load very well. The most graphic intensive software I ever used with this build was a CAD for a small home project. System was able to handle it with the current configuration even if it was slow (it would run rendering all night which was fine for that project). The only requirement is the ability to connect at least 5 monitors (vs 3). I also need suggestion for 1 monitor. Unfortunately, budget is very limited (but options are very limited as well due to dated components)… I am saving for a new build in the next year or two. For card and 1 monitor (probably 24"), I would prefer not to exceed $300 - I may be able to stretch to $350 if needed.


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    Hello @Mike_G ! Welcome to the Community!

    If your GT710 does everything you have needed it to already, then the budget you have is way more than enough. Between $100-200 you have video cards like the RX570, 580, and 590, as well as the GTX 1650/Super and GTX 1660/Super/Ti variations which are all absolutely massive upgrades over the GT710. You could even go with a GT1030 as something of a "modern equivalent" to the 710. While it's much better than the 710, it's very underpowered compared to something like an RX570 and I'd be hard-pressed to recommend it.

    On a budget, your best options are going to be the RX570 and the GTX 1650 Super.

    The only question is what kind of power supply do you have? The 1650 Super is a little pricier and slightly more powerful than the RX570, but it does require less power so depending on what power supply is in your system, that will affect exactly which one I'd go for.
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    Hello @TSTonyV,
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Power supply is 550W.
    The rest of the configuration is:
    - 1x 250Gb SSD;
    - 2x 1 Tb HDD;
    - 24 Gb RAM.
    Looking at the availability at the Micro Center store near me (MI), the only available cards they currently have in stock is
    It looks like no GTX 1650 is reported as available there.
    Most of the cards are reported as supporting up to 4 monitors.
    The only one reported with 5 monitors support is the RX 580 (I know there was another RX580 with 5 monitors but, I guess, it is now out of stock). Would you suggest this one?
    I am also including some monitors with enough availability (10+) that should end up within the budget (or just over it). Which one is the best choice for the price?
    I forgot to mention that I usually spend long time in front of this system when I work from home (some days over 18 hours with an average of 12 hours).
    Of course, if there are better solutions to the ones selected, let me know.
    Thank you.
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