KanexPro HDMI Splitter 1x4 w/ 4K UHD & HDCP

I purchased the KanexPro 4k splitter at the advice of a sales associate that I could use the splitter to take a single HDMI from my laptop and use it to extend my display out to other monitors. 

I have currently have three monitors plugged into the splitter with my laptop as the source with my display settings on the laptop set to extend, but the display options are only for 2 displays, and all three of the displays plugged into the splitter are displaying only the one, second display.

Did I purchase the wrong item? Is there a different type of video extender that would work?


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    Welcome to the forum, Eric4x4. It would appear that this item may not be capable of the features you are looking for. HDMI splitters can only function for duplication, not extension, meaning they can take the same image on one screen and duplicate the image across other screens, but not extend them for traditional multi-monitor use. If you can provide the model of your laptop, I can check to see if any other video ports are available that we may be able to adapt from to connect other monitors. Alternatively, you may be able to use a USB to HDMI adapter, but note that their quality is not as great and may have some input latency depending on the model you choose. 

    I do offer my apologies for having to exchange that splitter, but I am confident we can find you a working solution before you make that trip.
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