Looking for help building a gaming and video editing pc

I have only made one custom pc before and that was over 5 years ago. I have recently started to record video game gameplay and make YouTube videos out of it. Well I am needing to upgrade my setup because it just doesn’t do what I want it to do. My budget would be around 1500 maybe be able to do a little more. I would like to stay AMD for the CPU and then any suggestion for GPU is welcome. I would also need some monitors but not too expensive just ones that are good for gaming and video editing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • 10leej
    Nvidia GPU's will have the better encoder. You'll want somewhere between 16-32GB on memory if your want to do 4k you really don't need more than 64GB's.
    I'd go Ryzen 5 (probably a 3600 or something like that) or low end Ryzen 7 3rd gen for either, Nvidia 2060 or 2070. Pickup the fastest memory (Ryzan and you will love DDR4 3600+) you can afford use a compatible motherboard. Honestly motherboard features don't matter anymore outside of compatibility (#FIGHTME, I'm right on this).
    You want to record to a SSD of some kind, the faster the better. I'd go m.2 NVMe which one? Pick one, they all will do the job just fine.
    As for monitors with video editing you want two things. Resolution, and Color. Want to edit 1080p video? You want a 4k monitor. You want specifically an IPS panel for this reason. Ask a sales rep which ones support the most colors, but honestly any IPS panel will work just fine if you're doing non professional level work. Need a recommendation? Don't spend less than $200 unless it's on sale/open box/refurbished.
    You want good audio, the top of the line USB Mic is the blue snowball don't bother with anything else in that area. Anything better than that you'll beat the piss out of with ANY XLR MIC EVER #FIGHTME ON THIS I DARE YOU. Honestly though any $20+ dollar microphone can be made to sound good with a little bit of effort (and yes you're going to open that audio editor).

    Need software recomendations? Well I can't help you too much since I run Linux, and you're most likely going to run Windows. But, I use kdenlive/Olive-editor, Audacity, Ardour, GIMP, and Blender for all my editing needs.
    You want to aim for 60FPS for video game's and 30FPS for anything else. You don't need to do 60FPS for a face cam, that's pointless. Just take the highest resolution that meets 30fps 100% of the time. Shoot even if you're just recording your desktop without a game, you can get by with as little as 15FPS.
    If you're capturing consolse games get an Elgato capture card, they seem to work the most reliably in my experience lighted I don't actively record games myself. I just work on the footage people give me (and trust me I've seen some real bad stuff).
  • AlexS
    To add to @10leej, the memory type and amount will be something to keep an eye on when it comes to video production.  I'm not sure the amount of videos you plan to output on a daily/weekly basis but if render time is a thing that matters to you, jumping on the 32GB train may be ideal. 

    Also, shoot us the Youtube channel!  I want to see some content!
  • Bodley12
    Panic Mode Gaming is the channel name the only thing that is up right now is walkthrough videos of the first 4 Uncharted games. The reason I’m wanting to update is to be able to record more video and edit through it faster and all that. 
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