Upgrade: 2600x or 3600x?

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Hello everyone,
So I haven't built a PC since middle school (~15-20 years) and I managed to put something together that I'm..... mostly happy with. This build is primarily for gaming. I do school work and such on it, but I never run anything heavier than standard student programs and websites. I purchased it a couple months ago and have been running it with great results overall, but the ONE thing I wish I would have chosen differently was the CPU. Thankfully, it was a cheap piece of hardware so I'm just saying "screw it" and replacing it.

This is where the need for second opinion comes in **A copy of my build is provided below**

I'm going to go with either the Ryzen 5 2600x or 3600x, but I'm not sure which one to choose simply because of the advancement room with the 3600x. All the benchmarks I've seen done between the two hold a consistent outcome such that when upgrading the GPU, the average fps is noticeably higher with the 3600x versus the 2600x. As a result I feel like if I go with the 2600x, when I upgrade the GPU, the CPU would have to go with it; thus, giving the 2600x a limited life span. However, if I go with the 3600x, when I eventually upgrade the GPU (at which point I will be allocating $400-$500) I will get increased performance from both pieces of hardware without having to also upgrade the CPU again. I'm aware with my current RX 580 the 2600x versus the 3600x will have zero impact on performance (benchmarks with a RX 580 resulted in nearly zero fps changes with either chip), so this is more for future changes. 

Just looking for insight and opinions from others on which to go with. Thank you for the replies, hope everyone is staying healthy.
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