Do I Realy Need a Ryzen 5 3600?

First question - do i realy need a ryzen 5 3600 for a gaming, streaming,  video editing pc build? Or 2600 is fine? 
And does a gtx 1660 super have "nvec" they said when they have it. It is where the coding in video rending and what not,  so the cpu can free up some work load to other things. 
And what fans should I buy? To reduce noise. And ram to

Im realy looking for a 700 budget gaming, streaming,  editing pc.  If not whats the maximum amount when I have those parts in my build? 
I realy want to build my first pc to be compatible and worth my money. 
Cause im realy going to study and work hard to get this computer parts.

 This parts are going to be my only motivation. When I see them.


  • AlexS
    While the 2600 is an affordable option, Ryzen 5 3600 + an x570 board puts yourself in a good position for upgrading to the next rendition of the Ryzen processor.  If you're seeking budgetary options, then I'd go with the 2600!  

    In my experience, the games I've streamed such as Squad/CSGO that run heavily on CPU performance benefit stream quality greatly when using the NVENC option in OBS, SLOBS, etc.  If you decide to go with a two-PC setup for streaming in the future, utilizing x264 on the stream PC should provide better quality since it's not sharing the workload with a game.

    I haven't had much experience streaming with a Ryzen build but I'm sure someone here has :) 
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