G706 Popping noise from tower


We were in the market for a new PC, found a pretty good deal on a pick up only option. Against my better judgement drove from SD to Tustin; got the PC we wanted (PowerSpec G706). Got it home, everything was great yesterday. Didn't do much gaming until today. About 30 minutes into Borderlands 3 there was a loud popping noise. The PC was still up and running, but we shut it down just to be safe. I tilted the tower a little bit to find some rattling:


Looks like a transistor popped off of it.

Soo, it looks like another trip is going to have to be made to Tustin, however looking at the website: https://www.microcenter.com/product/608933/powerspec-g706-gaming-desktop-computer

The PC is totally sold out at the moment. What happens in this case? Do they just replace the part on the spot for you, will I need to leave it with them and return yet another day?? First time buying anything from Microcenter so I am pretty bummed about the situation as a whole. Not a fun first experience after an almost 2 hour drive.


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    Welcome to the forum, tort. I am sorry to hear that you're having issues with your new PowerSpec, especially one as uncommon as this. As far as your options go, we have several that we can explore. With all PowerSpec systems, we offer a 48 hour repair guarantee, however this may not be the most convenient given your distance from the store. I'll be sending you a private message to gather your contact information and pass that along to Tustin's management team. From there, they can coordinate with you to determine the best way to resolve this. I think it was a good call to avoid using the system in the meantime, as it's difficult to tell exactly what function that specific capacitor served, but I am confident our store team will be able to get you back up and running soon. Be on the lookout for my private message and I'll get this ball rolling.
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