Need help choosing parts on a $1000 budget

I have played on console for years and want to change that in the very near future but I am having trouble choosing parts, I have seen the CPU (AMD Ryzen 3600) and the GPU (msi geforce gtx 1080 ti) but I also need to choose every other part including monitor, mouse and keyboard. Also wireless network adaptor or something of the sorts if you have suggestions please let me know. (If you can do something with the CPU and GPU or just change it if you want, its a gaming pc btw, also would like 1440p if possible) 
P.S already have a headset


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    Greetings @Sphericus91.  Welcome to the community!  Just off the bat, if you're looking to aim to game at 1440p, a monitor itself is going to chunk you about 20-25% of that budget (perhaps an investment that can be made at a later time?).  While the AMD R5 3600 has been a fairly popular CPU, you could adjust by opting for a 2600X so you can divert some money towards a decent card that'll put you in a position for quality 1440p gaming in the future. I'm not sure if you've seen our Custom PC Builder but it's quite helpful in visually seeing the cost of the build vs the budget! This post includes a build that just touches the $1k mark but it's set for some solid 1440p gaming but does put you in the position to wait on getting a monitor, keyboard, and mouse that you may desire.

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    Additionally, if you're open to the idea of getting a pre-built, if you see this model available at your local Micro Center, I would consider it a viable option as it includes an i5-9400F processor, GTX 1660 TI, and a 500GB SSD and it's only $799.99 currently.  That frees up ~$200 of your budget to invest towards the monitor.
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    Here's a video that compares 1080p/1440p with multiple titles with the i5-9400F + GTX 1660Ti setup
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