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Audio/Microphone Issues

I have an 8th generation HP Pavillion laptop that is having trouble with the microphone. I discovered this when video chatting because, no matter the platform, I can hear the other person, but they cannot hear me. I have tried recording myself with the computers camera to test the microphone and it just will not work. I ran a diagnostic through HP and nothing was detected. I tried all of the tech support options HP's help center offered, but nothing has worked. When testing the audio my computer shows that it can hear my voice, and all of my microphone settings appear to be turned on. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!  


  • Hello Kristyn, one thing I can suggest is checking the sound control panel in Windows 10. This can be accessed by right clicking the speaker icon and choosing Sound Settings, then looking for Sound Control Panel as a blue link. When the window opens, click recording devices.

    When talking into microphone, green bars will go up and down to the left of it. If the microphone that has these green bars doesn't have a green check mark, then it may need to be made your default device and you may try clicking that microphone and choosing Set as Default.
  • TSKyleH  Thank you for your advice. I Followed your instructions and found that the computer microphone is in fact my default device. So, unfortunately I am still without audio. If you have any other ideas for me to try I would love to hear them. Thanks again!
  • Could you tell us the model of your laptop? Also, please try the voice recorder app on your system and see if you can record and playback a message. Are you using the built in microphone or an external one?
  • My laptop is an HP Pavilion. It was purchased around Black Friday 2019, so it is a new device.  I have tried tried the voice recorder and it will not record my voice. I am using the built in microphone. 

  • We'd like to reset your audio controller first. Hold the "Windows" key and press "R". In the "Run" box type: appwiz.cpl

    We'll need to find your audio software to uninstall and reinstall from here. I couldn't say exactly without a model number but either IDT, or Realtek High Definition Audio. Double click on it, uninstall and reboot. The system will install an audio driver on reboot automatically. Try the voice recorder app again.
  • Thank you for your help. I held down the "windows: key, pressed "R", and entered appwiz,cpl, but IDT and Realtek were not among the options listed. I found the model number for my laptop - 15-cs106cl. 
  • Thank you. We're going to follow Kyle's instructions to get back into the sound control panel. I'll give you a direct way. "Windows + R", at "Run" type: explorer.exe %windir%\system32\mmsys.cpl

    We'll go to the recording tab and double click on your microphone. Got to the "Advanced" tab and let me know what the default format is set to.
  • The default setting is 24 bit, 48000 hz
  • Change it to any 16 bit option and press "Ok" then try the voice recorder app again.
  • I changed it to the 16 bit option and it still does not work...
  • Alright. We'll reset the driver another way. Right click on the "Start" menu, and go to "Device Manager". Expand "Sound, video and game controllers". Let me know what you have there.
  • I have Intel (R) Display Audio and Realtek (R) Audio
  • Right click on the "Realtek (R) Audio". Choose the option to uninstall it. Click "Uninstall" and reboot. 
  • I uninstalled Realtek. How do I reboot?
  • I have rebooted. Still not working

  • Next step, lets go to Start > Settings Privacy. Select "Microphone" on the left and verify that apps are allowed to access it. Also check for the programs we're using in the list below this.
  • I checked the privacy settings and my camera and voice recorder are both allowed to access the microphone. 
  • Good. Next we'll go back into "Device Manager". This time we're looking under "System Devices". We're looking for "High Definition Audio Controller". One will be for your Intel Display Audio and one is for your Realtek (R) Audio. It's going to be too hard to tell, as the Realtek (R) Audio is typically an Intel chip with a Realtek Codec, they'll probably both have an Intel vendor ID, and they'll both reinstall on a restart. So lets  uninstall both of these devices, and reboot. They'll reinstall automatically on a restart and we'll test again.

  • Is the one highlighted in blue the one I want to uninstall?
  • Confirmed it's an Intel  chip with a Realtek Codec. Yes, please uninstall that and reboot.
  • I uninstalled the Intel (R) Smart Sound Technology and it still isn't working...
     I appologize for this being so difficult to fix!

  • I have no sound what so ever on my computer now....
  • And for some reason I no longer have the Intel (R) Display Audio on my device. 
  • I had sound before uninstalling Intel (R) Smart Sound Technology. 
  • sound is back, but still no audio
  • Apologize for the slow response. The root audio device will have to go online and find a driver it may take a bit. As for the Intel Display Audio, it's part of your video card. Updating the video card will re-add this back in if windows update doesn't do it for you. Do you have another microphone you can test? On a headset as an example?
  • No need to apologize. I tested out an external microphone...and it worked! I also tried the voice recorder app without the external microphone and it works too!!! 

    Thank you so much for all of your help!!!!! I'm not sure why it decided to work all of a sudden, but I am glad it did. You have been very helpful through all of this and I really appreciate all of your guidance!!! Have a wonderful day :) 
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