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Changing PowerSpec ATX 767C Case fans

Hey guys and gals. I have a Powerspec G428 that was purchased a few years ago. I7 7700k, gtx 1080ti etc. Its in the standard powerspec case (PowerSpec ATX 767C). Since new it has run hot. 80c-95c but has not had any issues otherwise. One of the fans is starting to go, so I figured it was a good time to replace them with better fans and add some where possible. I'm just trying to find out what size fans fit, and if its it's possible to add some to the top (or elsewhere) and what size those would be . Unfortunately tech support wasnt able to help. Thanks!


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    Welcome to the forum, Leverlution. The G428's 767C chassis supports 2 120mm fans by default. One in the front, one in the rear. While the top has perforated mesh to allow for some air intake/exhaust, it lacks the required cutouts for mounting fans.

    The side panel does have two additional 120mm fan mounts, but you need to be careful with the cable routing when sliding the panel on and off, as well as clearance with the Hyper 212 Evo heatsink and GPU. For the most part, you shouldn't run into any clearance issues if you added standard thickness 120mm fans (25mm). As for recommendations, anything rated for raw airflow would be better than fans rated for static pressure. There isn't much obstruction, so the airflow would be better in general for this chassis design.

    I personally enjoy the Corsair Maglev fans as well as their AF120's, but I've also heard good things about Coolermaster's Masterfan series. Noctua makes some of the best fans around, but unfortunately they are often sold out due to their very high demand. They are also very pricey as they are an enthusiast grade fan.

    I've provided scans of the installation manual below should you need them. Best of luck!

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