Shame on Microcenter

I know things are tough and everyone is trying to do the best they can.  But shame on you Micro Center for how you treated me today.   I placed an order online for your Dallas store.  Received and email saying it was ready.  Drove 45 minutes to the store so your security guard at the door could turn me away because I had not preregistered for some phantom waiting list that is never referenced in my email.  I drive all the way back home and there is no place on your website to join a wait list.  I do not appreciate being intimidated by a security guard like I am a criminal for trying to pick up an order I placed online and was told it was ready.  If you do not want people in the store, why can't they bring it to me curbside like EVERYONE else is doing in the country from Walmart to Bestbuy.  Instead you have threatening security guard at your doors turning stressed hardworking customer away after placing valid orders online.  I can't call the store they won't answer and was on hold for 2 hours with your national customer service line before I hung up.  I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years, but today I was treated like a stray dog with no offer to help. 


  • AlexS
    Hello @Chilly. Welcome to the Micro Center Community page.  I'm terribly sorry to hear the experience you had.  While we employ security to assist with following CDC and State Guidelines, intimidation is not a feeling we want any visitor to feel.  Everyone is already feeling a string of emotions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we do not wish to add any stress.  Can you please send me a direct message so I can escalate this issue with the Dallas management team so see how we can resolve this?
  • Chilly
    I wanted to give an update on this as I feel it is deserving.  I got a follow up call today from the Manager of this store and I came away extremely happy with that conversation.  Just to be clear Micro Center did not offer to correct anything by offering me a discount, nor did I request one or want one.  What they did is sincerely listed to me and treated me with respect and understanding during the entire conversation.  I felt like I was valued as a not only a customer but a person as well.  This went a long way to repairing my image of this store and company.  Thank you to Alex for also listening and actually taking action to pass along my story vs. just letting it sit.  
  • AlexS
    That gives me all the good feelings to know that our Dallas team reached out to you, @Chilly.  I hope we can do right for you from here on out! :) 
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