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one short beep no matter what it feels like

Bought some parts 2 days ago
cpu: 2600x
ram cruical ballistix gaming 3200
mobo: asrock b40m pro4
psu: evga 650w bronze
ssd: 480 inland pro
gpu: just a  rx460 for now but I know it works because I only swapped it out from another computer a day ago. 
for the last two days I have been having hell just trying to build this system. 
I put it together and it would load the bios fine, install windows fine but when it went to get ready it would always restart. I finally got an error code when installing after 10x times and it said memory or ssd so I went back to the store and exchanged the ram/ssd for the same ones and bought a case speaker. get back one short beep, tried memory profiles, manual timing changes, one short beep. so I replaced the motherboard with a gigabyte b450 DS3h, same 1 short beep. so I replaced the ram with corsair vengeance 3000. one short beep so I guess I am about to go back for a 5th time and this time replace the mobo and the cpu because I have no idea what else to do. 


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
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    Hello @compgu1! Welcome to the Community. 

    Unless you're REALLY unlucky and got a handful of bad RAM sticks or boards all in a row, this definitely sounds like a CPU issue to me. If you haven't yet done that exchange, I'd definitely get it swapped out. It's probably an issue with the memory controller on the CPU itself, which would explain why it popped a memory related error in the first place. 
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