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New Powerspec G706 Can't Connect to Wifi on Startup

I just bought the Powerspec G706 a few days ago and every time I turn it on, it cannot connect to Wifi. 
The first time this happened, I reset TCP/IP with the Netshell Command and restarted the PC. This worked. I have continued trying this method when the problem happened again and it did not work. 
The second time this happened, I put my computer on sleep, took a 1 hour nap, came back and Wifi was working. 
I have tried
  • Checking if other devices can connect (they can)
  • Restarting the router
  • Restarting the PC
  • Running Windows Network Diagnostics
  • Reinstalling the Wifi antennas
  • Disabling firewall
  • Making sure Chrome is not blocked by the firewall
I do not have antivirus installed. Sometimes the network I want to connect to says "Connected, secured" and other times it says "No Internet, secured". I tried using my laptop as a mobile hotspot over a 5Ghz network band, but the PC can't connect. Any help is greatly appreciated. 


  • AlexSAlexS admin
    @letjustin Welcome to the MC Community!  Have you tried a power cycle of the unit as well and discharged the caps?  
    You can do this by shutting the PC down, unplugging the power, and holding the PWR button for 30 or so seconds.  Then plug it in and turn it on and see if there's any difference.  If not, try opening Command Prompt in Admin mode and use the command without quotes "netsh winsock reset" and reboot the PC.  Let me know the results
  • Wifi now works after I did the power cycle. Thanks Alex! Hopefully it stays like this.
  • @TS_AlexS unfortunately the problem came back after I woke it up from sleep. I tried what you suggested twice and they didn't work.
  • @letjustin sorry for the late reply. Let's try downloading the latest wireless driver for that WiFi card. The latest driver can be obtained here: Make sure you select the 64 bit version on the left hand side. After it installs, restart the system. If this fails, it may warrant bringing the system in for us to have a look at it. If you are comfortable re-seating the WiFi PCIe card yourself, it may be worth removing the card, making sure the contacts are clean, then re-insert into the PCIe slot. Alternatively, you can try a different PCIe slot to see if that works. Either way, if this fails, our service team in-store can remedy this issue for you. 

    If you have any questions, let us know!
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