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My first computer build

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I wonder what do you think about this build? what recommendations you have for a first computer build? I want it to game and run some simulations. My price range is between 1500-2000 dollars including monitor and keyboard.


  • Hello @Daniel! Welcome to the Community. 

    That's a solid build overall, but one thing I did notice is that you didn't add a power supply to it. I would recommend at least an 80+ Bronze PSU around 650W. You could also save some money on your RAM by switching to a non-RGB kit. RGB is only there for aesthetics, in terms of performance it doesn't grant you any advantages. 

    Depending on what kind of monitor and keyboard you want, you may be able to upgrade some other components as well. If you just need a normal 1080p/144Hz monitor around 24", you can find those for under $200 these days, so that's something to think about. 

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