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Upgrading but in what order

So I have a few parts I am upgrading this next week. Motherboard, CPU, SSD, adding RAM and possibly fans. The question I am having trouble with is what order do I do this stuff in. Now, I wanna move my Windows 10 and boot onto the new M.2 1TB SSD. So should I do that first? Get everything moved over to the new SSD, while using my current not upgraded mobo and CPU, and then have it ready to go? Then, replace the motherboard and CPU and put all the components back in the case. Or no? I'm getting discombobulated. 
Thank you for the help and feedback in advance. 


  • Hello @PretzelAddict2! Welcome to the Community. 

    It sounds to me like you're purchasing all those parts at the same time, in which case I'd treat this the same as any new custom build: put all the new parts together, then once it's assembled and booting, install Windows on the new SSD while it's attached to the new hardware. 

    If you install Windows on the SSD while it's attached to the old hardware, it's going to automatically install drivers specific to that hardware, and sometimes when you transfer an existing Windows installation over to a new system it can run into weird compatibility issues and not boot properly. Normally that's not a problem, but I've seen it happen often enough that I always recommend just doing a clean install with the new hardware already in place.
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