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built in webcam not working

My toshiba satellite a505-s6025 built in webcam stopped working recently and I've been trying to do everything I could think of to try and make it work again I've already looked in the device manager and under hidden items and it's like the webcam doesn't exist on the computer at all the drivers and everything completely gone going to the toshiba website didn't help nor did trying to contact microsoft I've tried resetting and or restoring the computer that didn't help either any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hello @yhorwath89! Welcome to the community. 

    Does your keyboard have a shortcut to toggle the webcam Many laptops use a function key (like F6, though it may be different on your system) on the top row that will let you turn the webcam on and off. Double check that and if you have a key for it, press it and see if it turns on. Try it while pressing the FN key at the same time too. 

    If there is not toggle key for it, usually the drivers disappearing like that means the computer is no longer detecting the hardware. If by "reset" you mean factory resetting the system, that pretty much confirms it's a hardware issue unfortunately. 
  • The keyboard does not have a toggle button of that kind and yes I mean factory reset didn't work nor did trying to restore to a earlier point when it did work this is just very frustrating 
  • It's possible it's a weird compatibility issue with a recent Windows update, but since you did a factory reset I'm going to say it's probably just a hardware issue with the webcam unfortunately. Without being able to find drivers from Toshiba we can't be 100% sure but Windows is usually pretty good about automatically loading the drivers it needs. 
  • yeah i was really disappointed neither toshiba or microsoft could help 
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