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Gigabyte Aorus motherboard--how to specify which version

I'm looking at a new PC build, and am interested in a Ryzen system possibly with the Gigabyte Aorus Master  X570 motherboard. The Gigabyte website shows that there are two versions of this board, and one of the differences is that the newer one has a slot for a Thunderbolt daughterboard. But the part selector on the MC website doesn't specify which version is available. I don't want to just assume it will be the newer one and then be disappointed. Is there a way to be sure?


  • Hello @MacCruiskeen! Welcome to the Community. 

    The revision that includes the Thunderbolt header is relatively new and while we may have some, most of our stock right now likely is likely the original version. I would assume that if you were to get one, it would not be the latest revision. 

    The only way for us to check the revision on those boards would be for a sales associate who's physically at the store to check. If you can private message me your name/contact information and local store, or reach out to us via text or chat, we can get your information to the sales associates at your local store and have them reach out to you to confirm one way or the other. 

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