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Looking to do a pc build

Looking to do my first ever pc build for streaming and some gaming.and a build to be compatible with the elgato hd60 pro.i have a budget of 1,000.I can also go over a little.what would you guys recommend me doing.love to hear your guys inputs.


  • Hello @MattCabala12! Welcome to the Community. 

    Before giving a full recommendation I do have some questions to ask:

    What types of games are you playing?
    What kind of resolution/framerate are you wanting to play them at?
    What kind of resolution/framerate do you want to stream them at?
    Do you need peripherals, like a monitor, mouse/keyboard?
    Is the budget before or after taxes, and is it including the cost of Windows?

    Depending on what your answers for those questions our, my recommendations would change.
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