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Rebuild Gateway model FX610 S

I want to replace the motherboard and all relevant circuit board in a very old (Windows XP) PC.  is it possible? what do I look for  on the motherboard?


  • Hello @j25! Welcome to the Community. 

    From what I can see doing some research online, that appears to be an All-in-One type system where all the parts are built into the screen. 

    If you're trying to put modern hardware in, you won't have much luck and I'd recommend just purchasing a new system. You might be able to find new hard drives or RAM, but for things like the motherboard you'd have to be looking for used parts on places like Ebay. Motherboards will have some type of part number that identifies exactly what they are and if you could find that, you could check online for anything that matches it, but it'd probably be difficult to find. 

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