Help! Grey Screen Game Crashes / Idle Screen won't turn back on

I got my computer a couple years ago. Not sure the exact year, but I bought it from Micro Center many years ago. With their guidance and help, I put it together. Cool times. Anyway, I get to the point. I having problems with my old computer and I need some guidance and help again. 

There main two issues with my computer. One, all games crash a few moments after I launch them. Not sure what is going on. Games crash into a grey screen and my computer restarts. I tried updating the graphics card software and turning off the antivirus. It does not work. 
Two, when the computer goes into power saving mode and turns off the monitor, it stays off. I can't get it to turn back on unless I restart the computer. 

I was thinking of doing a C drive reformat. Or upgrade my hardware. What are your thoughts please? I need help!

32 gigs ram
windows 10 home edition 64 bit
intel core i7-2600k cpu @ 3.4ghz, 3401 Mhz, 4 cores, 8 logical processors
Asustek motherboard, Sobertooth P67 rev 1.xx
Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti, Msi Twin Frozr 2


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    Hello @Hecmanstar! Welcome to the Community. 

    Reformatting your C: drive would certainly be a good option to explore, as it would rule out any software issues. The only caveat is that the hardware in your system is fairly old. The most recent driver update available from Nvidia is from March 2018, and the motherboard drivers are even older.  Did you get any recent Windows updates and did the issue start after those? If so, I'd recommend a system restore. There's a chance the problem is actually a compatibility issue with whatever Windows 10 revision you're on. 

    Otherwise, I would try doing a clean uninstall of your video drivers using DDU:

    You'll need to boot into Safe Mode to run this tool, but it will do a clean uninstall of any video drivers on the system including any background files that would normally be leftover from a standard uninstall. Run this, then redownload your video card drivers. If that doesn't work, I'd try that reformat, and if that doesn't fix it either, I'd say we're looking at a hardware problem. 
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