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I want to buy a motherboard and CPU bundle but your site says I can only do that if i come to the store.  Is it possible to get the bundle discount of $20 off and have the parts shipped since i live over an hour away from your NJ store?


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    Hello @Rednite73! Welcome to the community. 

    Unfortunately our CPUs are not available for shipping as they are in-store only items. if your issue is being able to get to the store in a timely fashion, you could always place a reservation request on the items so we can put them off to the side for you. If you do that, once we confirm the reservation we can hold them for three days. 

    If your concern is being out in public with the virus outbreak going on, I completely understand that. We have taken precautions to comply with social distancing guidelines and try to keep our employees and customers as safe as we can, which you can read about here:
  • Rednite73
    I understand what you are saying.  So if I place an online order on April 27and your site says the parts are in stock, you can hold it for me for 3 days after you confirm the order?   How long is the wait to get in the store and what is the best time with the least wait?
  • TS_BryantA
    Good morning! Absolutely after your order is confirmed it will be held for 3 days.

    As for wait times unfortunately due to how frequently this changes throughout the day we do not have a best time to enter the store. With how busy some of our store locations become I would advise to come to our stores at least by 5PM Monday-Saturday and by 4PM on Sundays to ensure you will be able to enter the store. 
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