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Dropdown pickers on website don't work in iOS

I started noticing this recently.  The drop down pickers don't work in iOS.  I specifically mean the store selector and the sort order picker.  I want to change stores and select "low price" and neither work.  Works fine on other platforms.  


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    edited April 22
    Hello @sbrooke! Welcome to the Community and thank you for the feedback. Does this issue happen specifically when you use the Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad,  or have you tried this with other browsers like Chrome and had the same issue?
  • Very strange.  Works fine after 13.4.1 update on a newer iPhone.  Still having problems on an older iPad, even after updating to 13.4.1.  On the iPad it works fine in Chrome, but in Safari and Brave it doesn't work correctly.  I can get the page to update if I do a long press and select the linked page from the 3D pop-up. I don't think that worked before.
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