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Second opinion on my build

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This is my planned build for a budget of around $550-600 (keyboard, mouse, software, etc. excluded). I have a few questions:
Does the motherboard need a Bios upgrade to work with the 2600X?
Is the RX570 a good fit? Will an upgrade to RX580 fit well in this build (price aside)?
Will the NR600 case be able to cool everything with just the two stock fans? Do I need to purchase additional? Are there any good alternatives at or below its price point?
Additionally, the NR600 case seems to be sold out in the Madison height location based on the website, can I still order it for store pick up?


  • Hello @Ruohao! Welcome to the Community. 

    That motherboard does not require a BIOS update for the 2600X. All the 400-series AMD boards were designed specifically for second generation Ryzen CPUs, you would only potentially need a BIOS update if you were going with a third gen CPU. 

    The RX570 is a good fit, I personally would recommend saving up a little extra for a 1650 Super, but it is a little more expensive so it's not a requirement. 

    That case has a mesh front panel so overflow will be fine, you won't have any cooling issues. The alternatives you'd find at that price point are the Lian Li 205 and NZXT H510, but those won't have quite as good airflow, not that it would make huge difference. 
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