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I am trying to find additional details for your replacement plans.  Specifically, how much it costs.  I've looked through your site and are unable to find these details.  When buying a replacement plan for a CPU or GPU, how is the cost determined, or is it a flat price?  How long do the replacement plans last?  Can a replacement plan to be purchased for an open box item?

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  • IanIan admin
    Greetings. If you come in and work with a store sales associate at our stores, they will be able to go over all the specific pricing with you. You can get an idea of the protection plans that we sell here: They are typically available for 2 or 3 years dependent on item/plan available and would be available for open box items. 
  • Thanks for the response.  I've looked at the link, but unfortunately, it doesn't provide pricing.  I've tried calling in, but have not been able to get through during this understandably busy time, and didn't want to make the trip in to discuss given the recommendations that we try to shop for what we need quickly without spending too much time in the store.
  • AlexSAlexS admin
    @kman78 Is there a particular SKU you had in mind?  I can try to see if we can try to get some info for you.  
  • Hi Alex,
    I'm looking to possibly buy an open box RTX 2070 Super, preferably something under my $500 budget limit.  Being that these are open box items, I was looking at some replacement/warranty options and wanted to know what those costs would be.  I've included a link below of one as an example.  Thank you for your help!
  • Could you also advise what this means:


    I see this on most open box listings on your site, but I don’t know what it means. 
  • @kman78
    Good morning and thank you for your question! This listing on our Open Box items means that the item is covered through Micro Center if you have any warranty issues with this product. 
  • Thanks Bryant.  If that is the case, is that where I should purchase a replacement warranty?  If so, it goes back to my original question as to how much that would be?  Is it based on the cost of the card, or is it a flat rate?  Please use the card I linked previously as an example.
  • @kman78
    You're welcome! I'm happy to help. Yes replacement plans would be purchased in store through Micro Center. The cost on our Build Your Own PC component replacement plans will vary with the price of the component. I was unable to see the open box listing on the link provided, though any Video Cards from $500-999 for the starting 2 year plan is currently $139.99, and the 3 year plan is currently $199.99. For Video Cards $400-499, the 2 year replacement plan is currently $69.99, and the 3 year replacement plan is currently $139.99.

    I hope this answers your question, and if you have any additional questions or concerns please let us know!
  • Thanks Bryant.  The originally linked item must have been sold.  I just randomly selected another open box item:

    Complete ID: 93408
    SKU of the brand new version: 965467
    Open Box price: $356.96

    Just to make sure I understand the pricing structure for replacement warranties, if I purchase this open box item and opt for the replacement plan/warranty, it would be $69.99 for 2 years, or $139.99 for 3 years - is that correct?  And this replacement plan would allow me to have the GPU replaced or serviced at Microcenter should any issues occur during the selected time period for the warranty I would purchase?
  • Warranty pricing should be based on the actual price paid for the product, so for an open-box at $356.96 it drops down into the next pricing tier. $89.99 for a three year plan, $49.99 for a two year. 

    The replacement plan basically allows you to bring it back to us for RMA if it encounters hardware issues, rather than sending it to the manufacturer. We wouldn't actually service it though, we would issue store-credit for the original price of the card. So for that card, if it failed in the replacement period you'd receive credit for $356.96. 
  • @kman78
    If the plan was for the brand new version of that SKU, that pricing would be correct. If the price of the item is $356.96, the 2 year replacement plan is currently $49.99, and the 3 year replacement plan is currently $89.99. This is for any options from $300-399.

    For the replacement plan, should there be any warranty issues confirmed after review by our Tech Consultants in our Service Department at your local store, you would receive a Store Credit. This would be for the amount of the component and would not include the cost of the replacement plan or tax.
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