Need a Little Help on a LINUX Build

I'm in the process of planning a LINUX PC build, and could use some help on validating my choices.  Really looking for any insight/help you can provide.  Also, I'm grateful for the help...
This PC will be used for general purpose use, web browsing, etc., light gaming, mainly World of Tanks with WINE, and building Virtual Machines to test various Arch builds. Also, I want an upgrade path since I tend to keep my PC.s for 5 year + which is one of the reasons why I love Linux.
I'm also looking at an AMD GPU since they have the best support for Linux, recent driver issues not withstanding.
Please have a look and let me know if I'm missing anything or if you have better choices based on your experience I'm all ears...
Thank You!


  • Paladin7
    Also, I'd like to keep this build around the $1,000 level
  • TSTonyV
    TSTonyV ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hello @Paladin7! Welcome to the Community!

    Overall that's a solid build. Depending on how tight that $1000 budget is, you could switch a couple parts out and upgrade your video card. I put this together:

    I switched out your case and power supply for some slightly cheaper models. The Cooler Master NR600 is overall a solid case for $70 and it does have a mesh front panel, so in terms of cooling it should be similar to the Meshify C. The Powerspec power supply in the build list is our brand which is why it's less expensive than the EVGA one in your list. It's still 80+ Gold and fully modular. We didn't have the SSD or RAM kit in your list, so I found the closest option at a similar price. 

    With that in mind I slotted in a 5600XT for your video card. It does put you just over that $1000 mark at $1022 before taxes, so if that's a no-go for you then you can stick with that RX580. 

  • Paladin7
    Excellent feedback  and food for thought TSTonyV, appreciate it.  I'll look into your recommendations this afternoon...
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