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Can I reserve an open box item for pickup?

Hi, I found an item that I would like to purchase on the website and the site says that there is one open box item in my store. There's a link to "Select Open Box" but that link just takes me to the regular product page. It seems as if there's not a way to add the open box item to my cart. Am I not able to do that on the site?


  • Hello @WessJ! Welcome to the community. 

    You should be able to add an open-box item to the cart and place a reservation on it if the normal product is available for reservation. Which SKU were you looking at and which store were checking availability for? Also, is this a pickup order or were you wanting to place a shipping order?
  • Hello @WessJ!  Welcome to the Micro Center Community!

    The actual item page updates faster than the general product page (The one where all the items related to the keyword you searched show up).  Due to this de-sync, it is possible to see an open box item on the general product page and but have it available on the actual items page.  
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