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XBox One bundle "out of warranty" though purchased brand new 6 months ago

Hi MicroCenter.

I need your help.

My XBox One controller is malfunctioning and it’s been only 6 months since I purchased the bundle brand new from your Yonkers Store on 10/2/2019 (order reference# [removed]).

I tried yesterday to do a warranty claim at but the website showed that it's "out of warranty".  Within 10 minutes after, I spoke over the phone with XBox "Hardware Department" representative Katherine (ID# 1833043) in Texas; I explained that I purchased this bundle brand new from your store, that I had the purchase receipt at hand and that I was willing to provide at that instant the receipt to them by email, fax, etc.; the representative said that their system showed that this XBox was previously sold/used around 11/1/2018 so that it’s warranty expired 11/10/2019; that she was unable to edit the purchase date with the purchase receipt unless MicroCenter was a “trusted store”; that MC did not appear on the list of “trusted store”; she said that I would have to rectify this with MicroCenter; she offered to have me bring in MicroCenter on a 3-way call to try to resolve this and so I immediately called MC 2x at (914)595-3020 and both times we got the automated recording that the center was closed at the moment for cleaning; before she hung up, she said I needed to rectify this with MicroCenter.

Pls. advise.



  • Hello @coqui3L! Welcome to the Community. I've removed the reference number from post for privacy reasons and I'll be opening up a ticket to follow up with you on this via email. That was definitely a new product so there shouldn't be any warranty issues, however we will likely have to follow up with the store on this to figure out a solution. 

    Please check your email and respond to me through that channel so we can get this moving!
  • Hi Tony.  I'm returning here to report that the problem was fully resolved to my satisfaction.  Thank you for your prompt assistance.
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Great! I'm glad it got sorted out, please reach out again if you have any other questions!
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