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upgrade graphics card

I have a dell optiplex 7010 service tag 3T48SW1 I would like to upgrade my graphics card but i have no idea what will work.  normally I justl go into Microcenter give them the service tag talk to them about what i would like to do and they pick out the part.  with the ways things are right now i would like to either order or just do drive up pick up.  can anyone help figure out what to purchase?
Thank you


  • Have you figured this question or topic out if not hit the windows key +X and go to task manager> processes and then list what Graphics card you currently have. PC's by name are not enough info as to parts as a PC could have anything technically bundled in.
  • That system probably just uses integrated graphics, but you can check like BubbleMax said. You can also check in device manager under display adapters. 

    You won't be able to install anything that's really powerful because the kinds of power supplies that Dell provides with those systems are pretty weak. You could do something like a low-profile GT710 or GT1030, but that's about the top end of what you could install in those models. 
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